Committee works can provide opportunities to help control cancer’s effects


Being an academic gives me a chance of doing lots of interesting things, like working towards cancer patient & family wellness through my roles in professional organizations.

I have been a member of the The Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO for a few years now. I am also a very happy chair of its Advocacy Committee that does awesome work.

Watch this short video where my colleague and co-chair Kimberley Thibodeau & I summarize the work we have done during the last year as the Advocacy Committee of CAPO.

What a pleasure to work with Kimberley and other members of this committee to better conditions of and experiences for cancer patients and families in Canada and beyond.

I must say – Kimberley is the BEST collaborator I have ever worked with!! She is energetic, positive, and simply incredible – thanks for this experience Kimberley!